Jan Pešek: Diploma thesis


This page describes goals and current state of Jan Pešek's diploma thesis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague. The thesis is related to the rPredictorDB project (RNA secondary structure database and prediction infrastructure).


Main goal of the thesis is to design and implement an algorithm to compare secondary RNA structures ranking them by level of conservancy. The resulting algorithm should be able to find common structure similarities in a set of secondary RNA structures. Other part of the work is implementing this algorithm into rPredictorDB user interface. The interface should allow user to compare any of the structures contained in rPredictorDB database.


Following timetable contains main milestones for the project.

Date Goal
30.09.2014 map and describe possible ways of comparison, choose the best one
30.12.2014 implement comparison algorithm
30.2.2015 implement algorithm as a tool into rPredictorDB
15.4.2015 write text for the thesis
30.4.2015 perform corrections for the final text
7.5.2015 submit the thesis

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The project is being developed at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. The project is being developed at the Charles University in Prague.