rPredictorDB is a predictive database of secondary structures of individual RNAs and their formatted plots. The structures are generated by template-based prediction of RNA secondary structure with experimentally identified structures as templates. RNAs with large secondary structure are visualized using a template-based visualization method allowing for their formatted and readable display. The web also allows for secondary structure template-based prediction for user-uploaded RNA sequences using templates stored in rPredictorDB.


Predict page

The Predict page allows for template–based RNA secondary structure prediction for user sequences using templates stored in rPredictorDB.

The page allows for sequence upload (by copy – paste) and selection of the template. The selection is either automatic, when the template with most similar sequence to the query sequence is identified and used for prediction, or manual. Templates are secondary structures extracted from experimentally identified structures, found mostly in PDB.

Download page

The Download page allows to download rPredictorDB database in CSV format or as a database dump. There is also publicly available the used prediction algorithm.

Documentation page

Technical documentation.

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  • The rPredictorDB contains 5149 structures
  • Last update: 20.12.2018
  • Data sources: